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Pop Mart (Italian 1997 'Mercury' large promo shop card disply)


Title: Pop Mart (Italian 1997 'Mercury' large promo shop card disply)
Artist/Band: U2
Media: 9
Genre: 7
Label: Island-Mercury
Price: USD 780.48
Available Quantity: 1
Release Number: Island-Mercury
Release Year: 1997
Release Country: Italia
Cover Condition: Excellent
Media Condition: Excellent



-U2: Pop Mart, ULTRARARE! 1997 Italian 'Island-Mercury' original large promo shop card display, issued to promote 'Pop' album release & 'Please' single release & full U2 albums catalogue & celegrating Reggio Emilia 150.000 record concert audience!!! On display you can read: 'La Band Piu' Grande del Pianeta - Reggio Emilia: 150.000 persone Che Sono Entrate Nella Storia Del Rock' in italian language means 'The World's greates Rock band - Reggio Emilia: 150.000 people the are in History of Rock!'.Only an handfull made for seleceted shops only, measures approx 18" x 21", great item!!!(Island-Mercury)*

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