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Sherry Darling (UK 1980 'demo' 2-trk 7single on yellow CBS 'demo' lbl CBS slv)

Bruce Springsteen

Title: Sherry Darling (UK 1980 'demo' 2-trk 7single on yellow CBS 'demo' lbl CBS slv)
Artist/Band: Bruce Springsteen
Media: 12
Genre: 7
Label: CBS
Price: USD 2341.48
Available Quantity: 1
Release Number: 9568
Release Year: 1980
Release Country: United Kingdom
Cover Condition: Excellent
Media Condition: Excellent



-Bruce Springsteen:Sherry Darling, ULTRARARE! 1980 UK original 'demo' issue 2-trk vinyl 7” on yellow CBS demo label, b/w 'Be True', CBS black die-cut slv!!Only an handfull made!! From 'lost in the flood' web-syte:'Extremely rare issue which most likely was a test pressing, although this is unconfirmed. Disc carries unusual straight yellow “CBS Records” labels with typewritten artist/song information and catalogue number, as well as “For Demonstration Purposes Only” imprints on either side. Although these labels do not specifically imply its origin, the matrix numbers in the run-off grooves are identical to UK stock and white label promo pressings of the regular “Sherry Darling” single. Issued in black die-cut CBS logo sleeve.' (CBS 9568)-

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