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...Si Racconta (Italian 2001 130 pag photos & text book)


Title: ...Si Racconta (Italian 2001 130 pag photos & text book)
Artist/Band: Madonna
Media: 9
Genre: 7
Label: Edizioni Lo Vecchio
Price: USD 46.81
Available Quantity: 1
Release Number: ISBN 88-7333-023-1
Release Year: 2001
Release Country: Italia
Cover Condition: Excellent
Media Condition: Excellent



-Madonna:...Si Racconta (Mick St. Michael), RARE! 2001 Italian issue 130 pag. photos & text book, all written in Italian, incl. a lot of nice photos, great full colour Madonna p/s(Edizioni Lo Vecchio ISBN 88-7333-023-1)-€.29.99

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