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USD 46.81
(I Got)Nothing(UK 1988 Ltd 2-trk single CLEAR vinyl full ps)
(Iggy Pop / The Stooges)

Media: 7''
-Iggy Pop / The Stooges:(I Got)Nothing, RARE! 1988 UK extremely Ltd issue 2-trk 7” Clear Silvered vinyl, b/w 'Cock In My Pocket', nice p/s(Jungle Record JUNG 61)-€.29.99

USD 124.86
(I know)I'm Losing You(India 1970 2-trk single unique titles ps)
(Rare Earth)

Media: 7''
-Rare Earth:(I know)I'm Losing You, ULTRARARE! 1970 India issue 2-trk vinyl 7”, b/w 'When Joanie Smiles', great full unique title p/s(Tamla Motown Dum Dum ETM 52)-€.79.99

USD 31.2
(I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind(Austria 1994 3-trk CD full ps)
(Primal Scream)

Media: CDsingle
-Primal Scream:(I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind, RARE! 1994 Austria issue 3-trk CD, b/w 'Rocks(live)' & 'I'm Losing More Than I'll ever Have(live)', full jewel case p/s( Creation Records SCR 660687 2)-€.19.99

USD 140.47
(Just Like) Starting Over(Italian 1981 w/label ep promo sampler)
(Beatles / John Lennon)

Media: 12''
-Beatles(John Lennon):(Just Like) Starting Over, VERY RARE! 1981 Italian issue w/label 12” promo sampler on Wea label, still in its own company slv(Wea PROMO 119)-€.90.00

USD 23.4
(Just Like)Staring over(USA 1980 2-trk single company slv)
(Beatles / John Lennon)

Media: 7''
 -Beatles(John Lennon):(Just Like)Staring over,RARE! 1980 USA issue 2-trk 7“ on Geffen label, b/w 'Kiss Kiss Kiss'(Yoko Ono),still in its own Company slv(Geffen Records 49604)-€.14.99

USD 78.03
(She's)Sexy & 17(Canada 1983 Ltd 4-trk double single unique gf ps)
(Stray Cats)

Media: 7''
-Stray Cats:(She’s)Sexy+17, VERY RARE! 1983 Canadian extremely Ltd issue 4-trk vinyl 2x7” on open picture lbls, b/w 'Lookin' Better Every Beer', 2nd disc inc. 'Cruisin'' b/w 'Lucky Charm', absolutely unique gatefold full p/s(Arista BB-8169-1/2)-€.49.99 

USD 31.2
(She's)Sexy and 17(German 1973 2-trk single full ps)
(Stray Cats)

Media: 7''
-Stray Cats:(She’s)Sexy+17, RARE! 1983 German issue 2-trk 7” on open silver Arista label, b/w 'Lookin' Better Every Beer', full p/s(Arista 105 580)-€.19.99

USD 46.81
(Si Si)Je Suis un Rock Star(Italian 1982 1-trk w/label promo single)
(Rolling Stones / Bill Wyman)

Media: 7''
-Rolling Stones(Bill Wyman):(Si Si)Je Suis un Rock Star,VERY RARE 1982 Italian issue 1-trk w/label vinyl 7“ promo, blank slv(A&M JC 15065)-€.29.99

USD 62.42
(We Salute You) Naked Man,(Philipshalle Duseldorf Germany 07.04.1996)
(Smashing Pumpkins)

Media: CD
-Smashing Pumpkins:(We Slute You) Naked Man,(Philipshalle Duseldorf Germany 07.04.1996), VERY RARE! 1996 Extremely Ltd issue 13-trk live CD on Oxygen lbl, full jewel case p/s(Oxygen OXY 068)-€.39.99


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(What's The Story) Morning Glory (UK Ltd re 2LP GREEN wax gf ps)

Media: LP
-OASIS:(What's The Story) Morning Glory?, VERY RARE! UK re extremely Ltd issue 13-trk 2LP set GREEN vinyl, full 3-way gatefold p/s(Creation CRE LP 189)- 

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