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USD 156.08
Change Has Come(USA 1989 Ltd 'Sub Pop' 2 singles BLACK & WHITE vinyl full poster ps)
(Screaming Trees)

Media: 7''
-Screaming Trees:Change Has Come, VERY RARE! 1989 USA extremely Ltd 'Sup Pop' issue 4-trk 2 x 7” set on WHITE & BLACK vinyl, inc. 'Days' & 'Time Speaks Her Golden Tongue' b/w 'Flashes' on disc 2, full poster p/s(Sub Pop SP 48)-€.99.99

USD 78.03

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Even If And Especially When(USA 1987 12-trk LP full ps)
(Screaming Trees)

Media: LP
-Screaming Trees:Even If And Especially When, VERY RARE! 1987 USA issue 12-trk vinyl LP on SST lbl, full p/s(SST 132)-€.49.99

USD 234.13
(Alice in Chains / Screaming Trees)

Media: Poster
-Alice in Chains / Screaming Trees: Gent Belgium 30.01.1993,  VERY RARE! 1993 Belgium original issue promo concert poster, measures approx 24” x 36”(66 x 100 cm), still in near mint condition & ideal to be framed!!

USD 31.2
Rockerilla(N.191/192 July-Aug. 1996)(Italian 1996 Screaming Trees front cover magazine)
(Screaming Trees)

Media: Memorabilia
 -Screaming Trees:Rockerilla(N.191/192 July-Aug. 1996), RARE! 1996 Italian issue music magazine with full Screaming Trees front cover, inc. 3 pag. article & photos!!-€.19.99

USD 124.86
Salt Lake Fairgrounds Tues. Oct. 2nd(USA 80s promo poster Concert flyer)
(Social Distortion / Screaming Trees / Strangers)

Media: Poster
 -Social Distortion / Screaming Trees / Strangers: Salt Lake Fairgrounds Tues. Oct. 2nd, VERY RARE! 80S USA original promo concert poster flyer, measures approx 7,5” x 11”, ideal to be framed!!-€.79.99

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