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USD 39.01
Contaminazione(Italian 2008 12-trk CD album full ps)
(Rovescio della medaglia)

Media: CD
 -Rovescio della medaglia:Contaminazione, RARE! 2008 Italian issue 12-trk CD album on Sony-BMG-RCA lbl, full jewel case p/s(Sony-BMG-RCA 88697343652)-€.24.99

USD 3121.98
Io Come Io(Italian 1972 original 4-trk LP gf metal coin ps)
(Rovescio della Medaglia)

Media: LP
 -Rovescio della Medaglia:Io Come Io, ULTRAMEGARARE! 1972 Italian original 2nd issue(see guitar player photo through the die-cut) vinyl 4-trk LP on on blu RCA lbl, full die-cut 'medallion' p/s with its own metal coin!!!(RCA PSL 10546)EX--(deleteion hole)/EX---€.1999.99

USD 124.86
Io Come Io(Italian 2008 Ltd reissue vinyl LP original artwork metal coin ps)
(Rovescio della medaglia)

Media: LP
-Rovescio della medaglia:Io Come Io, VERY RARE! 2008 Italian Ltd reissue vinyl LP on Sony BMG lbl, full original artwork p/s with its own metal coin, still sealed copy!!(Sony BMG 88697369481)-€.79.99

USD 46.81
Super Sound(6 April 1974)(Italian 1974 Rovescio front cover magazine)
(Rovescio Della Medaglia)

Media: Memorabilia
-Rovescio Della Medaglia:Super Sound(6 April 1974), VERY RARE! 1974 Italian issue full Rovescio Della Medaglia front cover magazine, inc. pag. article & photos!!-€.29.99

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