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USD 234.13
Zeppelin Over Europe 'Eye Thank Yew'(Ltd 90s 500 copies 2LP Happy Hippo lbl deluxe ps)
(Led Zeppelin)

Media: LP
 -Led Zeppelin:Zeppelin Over Europe 'Eye Thank Yew', VERY RARE! 90S Extremely Ltd 500 copies issue live vinyl 2LP set on Happy Hippo Records lbl, full deluxe p/s(Happy Hippo Records D.HIP 001)-€.149.99

USD 780.48
Zero Absoluto(Spanish Fan-Club Ltd 10 copies 11-trk w/label LP promo TEST PRESS unique ps)
(Renato Zero)

Media: LP
 -Renato Zero:Zero Absoluto, ULTRARARE! Spanish Fan-club Extremely Ltd 10 copies issue w/label 11-trk vinyl LP TEST PRESSING, inc. live recording from Roma 1973 & demos & London 16.04.1971 demox etc, full deluxe p/s!!!(Matrix: ZERO A/B)-€.499.99-ok 

USD 31.2
Zero in Condotta(Italian 1985 2-trk w/label promo single Co.slv)
(Edoardo Bennato)

Media: 7''
-Edoardo Bennato:Zero in Condotta,RARE! 1985 Italian issue w/label 2-trk vinyl 7“ promo on Dischi Ricordi lbl, b/w 'Kaiwanna', Company slv(Dischi Ricordi JB 301)-€.19.99

USD 46.81
Zero In Condotta(Italian 1990 2-trk single full ps)
(Cristina D'Avena)

Media: 7''
-Cristina D'Avena:Zero In Condotta, VERY RARE! 1990 Italian issue 2-trk vinyl 7” on Five label, b/w 'Un Mondo Di Magia', full great p/s(Five Records FM 13262)-€.29.99

USD 46.81
Zero Sex(UK 1989 Ltd 2-trk EP ps & inner slv)
(Christian Death)

Media: 12''
-Christian Death:Zero Sex, VERY RARE! 1989 UK Ltd issue 2-trk vinyl 12”, b/w 'The Nascent Virion', full p/s + inner slv(Prophets-Jungle Records JUNG 50T)-€.29.99

USD 156.08

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Zero(Holland 1968 2-trk single great ps)
(Groep 1850)

Media: 7''
 -Groep 1850:Zero, VERY RARE! 1968 Holland issue 2-trk vinyl 7” on Philips lbl, b/w 'Frozen Mind', great full p/s(Philips 333 973 JF)-€.99.99

USD 312.18
Zero(Italian 1987 18-trk 2LP set gf ps & inner slvs-sealed copy)
(Renato Zero)

Media: LP
-Renato Zero:Zero, VERY RARE! 1987 Italian issue 18-trk vinyl 2LP set, full gatefold p/s + inner slvs-impossible to find still sealed copy!!!(Zerolandia ZL 71539(2))-€.99.99-

USD 78.03
Zero(Italian 1987 18-trk 2x Cassette album unique card slipcase box)
(Renato Zero)

Media: Cassette
 -Renato Zero:Zero, VERY RARE! 1987 Italian original issue 18-trk 2x Cassette album on 'Zerolandia' red paper label, each cassette in its own jewel case p/s and both housed in unique card slipcase box set!!(Zerolandia ZK 71539-1/2)-€.49.99 

USD 156.08
Zero(Italian 1996 Ltd No'd 30-trk 2CD PDK unique deluxe box set ps & booklet)
(Renato Zero)

Media: CD
 -Renato Zero:Zero, VERY RARE! 1996 Italian Extremely Ltd numbered issue 30-trk 2CD set Picture Disc on BMG-Ricordi lbl, unique deluxe slipcase box set p/s & booklet!!(BMG-Ricordi 74321 344082(2))-€.99.99-

USD 62.42
Zero(USA 1995 1-trk promo CD back insert ps)
(Smashing Pumpkins)

Media: CDsingle
-Smashing Pumpkins:Zero, VERY RARE! 1995 USA issue extremely Ltd 1-trk promo CD, nice black disc, back insert p/s(Virgin dpro-11078)-€.39.99

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