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USD 124.86
Battiato(Italian 80s original EMI promo shop Poster)
(Franco Battiato)

Media: Poster
 -Franco Battiato:Battiato, VERY RARE! 80S Italian EMI original issue promo poster, issued in veru small quantities only for shop, measures approx 15”x242,ideal to be framed!!(EMI)-€.79.99

USD 124.86
Beam Monday April 24(USA 80s original promo poster Concert)
(The Legendary Pink Dots / Tooth & Nail)

Media: Poster
 -The Legendary Pink Dots / Tooth & Nail: Vbeam Monday April 24, VERY RARE! 80S USA original & genuine poster promo Concert, measures approx 8,5” x 15”, still in near pristine condition, ideal to be framed!!!-€.79.99

USD 156.08
Bergamo Lazzaretto 04.07.2009(Italian 2009 original large size promo Concert Poster)
(Jethro Tull)

Media: Poster
 -Jethro Tull:Bergamo Lazzaretto 04.07.2009, VERY RARE! 2009 Italian original issue large size promo Concert poster, measures approx 24” x 36”, ideal to be framed!!!-€.99.99

USD 202.91
Berkeley Rocks at Ashkenaz Fri. Aug. 25(USA late 70s original promo card Concert Poster)
(The Motels / Fast Floyd / 6 O'Clock News(Nuns former sbassist) / Richie Scarlet band)

Media: Poster
 -The Motels / Fast Floyd / 6 O'Clock News(Nuns former sbassist) / Richie Scarlet band:Berkeley Rocks at Ashkenaz Fri. Aug. 25, VERY RARE! Late 70s USA original card promo Concert Poster, mesures approx 9” x 15”, pin demages otherwise OK, ideal to be framed!!-€.129.99

USD 468.28
Berkley Community Theatre 19.04.1970(USA 1970 original Bill Graham concert promo poster)
(Frank ZAPPA)

Media: Poster
 -Frank ZAPPA:Berkley Community Theatre 19.04.1970, ULTRARARE! 1970 USA original issue promo concert poster, advertsisng Frank Zappa & Hot rats gig, great medium sixe poster & still in near pristine condition!!!-€.299.99

USD 124.86
Berkley Square 24.06.1988(USA 1988 original concert promo poster)
(Psychotic Pineapple / Cement Trampoline)

Media: Poster
 -Psychotic Pineapple / Cement Trampoline:Berkley Square 24.06.1988, VERY RARE! 1988 USA original concert poster, still in near pristine condition & ideal to be framed!!!!!-€.79.99

USD 390.23
Berlin Due Halle Weissensee 15.03.1994 (German 1994 original promo Concert Poster)

Media: Poster
  -Nirvana:Berlin Due Halle Weissensee 15.03.1994, VERY RARE! 1994 German original issue promo poster Concert, measures approx 84 x 59 cm(33” x 23”), still in near pristine condition & ideal to be framed!!!            

USD 31.2
Bill Graham Presents(Berkeley Community Theatre Mon & Tues Sept. 13 & 14)
(Pink Floyd / Led Zeppelin / Black Sabbath)

Media: Poster
-Led Zeppelin / Black Sabbath / Pink Floyd: Bill Graham Presents(Berkeley Community Theatre Mon & Tues Sept. 13 & 14)Led Zeppelin & (Winterland FRI & Sat Oct. 1 & 2)Black Sabbath & (Winterland Friday Oct. 15)Pink Floyd, VERY RARE! Ltd issue repro of 70s original concert poster, nice size , nice item, ideal for framing!!-€.19.99

USD 312.18
Blank Generation-April 15 Plitt Century Plaza Theatre 1976(USA 1976 original promo poster flyer)
(Ramones / Patti Smith / Heartbreakers / Blondie / Television)

Media: Poster
 -Ramones:Blank Generation-April 15 Plitt Century Plaza Theatre 1976, ULTRARARE! 1976 USA original & genuine issue promo poster flyer, measures approx 8” x 13”, still in great condition & ideal to be framed!!!-€.199.99

USD 78.03
Blond Ambition World Tour 1990(Japan 1990 Tour dates a4 size small promo poster advert)

Media: Poster
-Madonna:Blond Ambition World Tour 1990, VERY RARE! 1990 A4 format Japan issue original & genuine colour promo poster advert flyer for Japan Tour dates, great & ideal for framing!!(Ticket Saison)-€.49.99

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