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USD 468.28
'Seattle Comes To Live' - Nevermind 1992 USA Tour (USA 1992 original promo'boxing style'tour poster)

Media: Poster
  -Nirvana: 'Seattle Comes To Live' - Nevermind 1992 USA Tour, VERY RARE! 1992 USA original 'boxing style' promo card tour poster, measures approx 22"x14", has many sign of time, shelf wear, tape, small tears, creases. It is made of thin cardboard. Please see pictures for condition. RARELY seen before!!!    

USD 62.42
....Hits(Italian original Wea promo poster for the album)
(Genesis / Collins)

Media: Poster
-Genesis(Phil Collins):....Hits, VERY RARE! Italian original & genuine Wea issue promo colour poster to promote the forthcoming album, nice large size, ideal for framing!!(Wea)-€.39.99

USD 202.91
04-05.01.1980(USA 1980 original promo Concert Poster flyer)
(Ultravox / Crime / Old Waldorf)

Media: Poster
 -Ultravox / Crime / Old Waldorf: 04-05.01.1980, VERY RARE! USA 1980 original & genuine promo Concert poster flyer, still in near mint condition & ideal to be framed, measureas approx 11”x9”!!!-€.129.99

USD 124.86
1839 Geary Temple Sat. Dec. 15(USA 80s promo poster Concert flyer)
(Buzzcocks / Dead Kennedys / Pointed Sticks)

Media: Poster
 -Buzzcocks / Dead Kennedys / Pointed Sticks:1839 Geary Temple Sat. Dec. 15, VERY RARE! 80S USA original promo poster Concert flyer, measures approx 11” x 8”, ideal to be framed!!-€.79.99


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1979 White Riot(Fillmore S.Francisco 08.02.1979)(USA 1979 original Concert Poster)
(The Clash)

Media: Poster
 -The Clash:1979 White Riot((Fillmore S.Francisco 08.02.1979), ULTRARARE! USA 1979 original & genuine issue full concert poster, what can I say about, give a look to' http://homepage.mac.com/blackmarketclash/Bands/Clash/recordings/1979/79-02-08 Filmore SF/79-02-08 Filmore SF.html'; this is the story:'Hearing of this The Clash arranged, against manager Caroline Coon’s advice to play

USD 468.28
1980 German Tour (German 1980 original Fiction promo Tour Concert 'uncut proof' large poster)
(The Cure)

Media: Poster
  -The Cure: 1980 German Tour, VERY RARE! 1980 German Fiction Records original Tour Concert promo poster, still uncut proof one, folded but still in near pristine condition, measures approx 30" x 21", ideal to be framed!!!            

USD 156.08
1980 Tour(USA 1980 original promo Tour poster)
(Frank ZAPPA)

Media: Poster
 -Frank ZAPPA:1980 Tour, VERY RARE! 1980 USA original Tour poster, great 11" x 17" poster with bottom area blank to print the date and venue information. Ideal for framing!!VG+(folded)-€.99.99

USD 124.86
2nd Coming Sat. Oct. 14(USA 80s promo poster Concert flyer)
(Heartbreakers / Johnny Thunders)

Media: Poster
 -Heartbreakers / Johnny Thunders:2nd Coming Sat. Oct. 14, VERY RARE! 80S USA original promo concert poster flyer, measures approx 7,5” x 11”, ideal to be framed!!-€.79.99

USD 312.18
40 WattClub Athens GA USA 06.05.2003 (USA 2003 Ltd 150 copies original promo signed Concert poster)
(The Cramps / The Gore Gore Girls)

Media: Poster
  -The Cramps / The Gore Gore Girls: 40 WattClub Athens GA USA 06.05.2003 , VERY RARE! 2003 USA original Ltd 150 numbered copies issue promo thick Concert poster, signed by artist Andrew Bawidamann, measures approx 14 1/2" x 22"", Copy N.59/150 ideal to be framed!! (-)        

USD 46.81
A Night In Bohemia(Italian 2016 promo Ltd Universal Cinema poster)

Media: Poster
-Queen: A Night in Bohemia, VERY RARE! 2016 Italian official promo-only Extremely Ltd card Cinema promo poster for the film, issued in very small quantities by Universal-Microcinema Distribuzione for Italian Cinema only to promote and advertize forthcoming film release, measures approx 12" x 16" on card stock heavy paper, great & ideal to be framed(Universal)!!!

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