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USD 78.03
(She's)Sexy & 17(Canada 1983 Ltd 4-trk double single unique gf ps)
(Stray Cats)

Media: 7''
-Stray Cats:(She’s)Sexy+17, VERY RARE! 1983 Canadian extremely Ltd issue 4-trk vinyl 2x7” on open picture lbls, b/w 'Lookin' Better Every Beer', 2nd disc inc. 'Cruisin'' b/w 'Lucky Charm', absolutely unique gatefold full p/s(Arista BB-8169-1/2)-€.49.99 

USD 31.2
(She's)Sexy and 17(German 1973 2-trk single full ps)
(Stray Cats)

Media: 7''
-Stray Cats:(She’s)Sexy+17, RARE! 1983 German issue 2-trk 7” on open silver Arista label, b/w 'Lookin' Better Every Beer', full p/s(Arista 105 580)-€.19.99

USD 62.42
... but were afraid to ask(more rare non album tracks)

Media: CD
-Madonna:... but were afraid to ask(more rare non album tracks), VERY RARE! 2007 extremely Ltd issue rarities 13-trk CD Picture Disc on Kabbalah Records label, full great 3-way gatefold digipack p/s(Kabbalah Records K127)-€.39.99

USD 39.01
...Is Your Love Strong Enough(Italian 1986 2-trk 7single full ps)
(Roxy Music / Bryan Ferry)

Media: 7''
 -Roxy Music / Bryan Ferry:...Is Your Love Strong Enough, RARE! 1986 Italian issue 2-trk vinyl 7” on EG lbl, b/w 'Windswept(Instrumental)', full p/s(EG 883 803-7)-e.24.99

USD 46.81
...Si Racconta (Italian 2001 130 pag photos & text book)

Media: Memorabilia
 -Madonna:...Si Racconta (Mick St. Michael), RARE! 2001 Italian issue 130 pag. photos & text book, all written in Italian, incl. a lot of nice photos, great full colour Madonna p/s(Edizioni Lo Vecchio ISBN 88-7333-023-1)-€.29.99

USD 202.91
02 Academy(Islington UK 02.03.2010 etc.)

Media: LP
 -Kiss:02 Academy(Islington UK 02.03.2010 etc.), VERY RARE! Extremely Ltd 100 copies issue live 2LP ORANGE vinyl on Huge Belly Records lbl, full deluxe p/s!!(Huge Belly Records HBR 345 LP)-€.129.99

USD 67.11
06(Rock In Rio Lisboa PT 27.05.2006 & Rock Am Ring Nurburgring DE 02.06.2006)
(Guns n Roses)

Media: DVD
-Guns n Roses:06(Rock In Rio Lisboa PT 27.05.2006 & Rock Am Ring Nurburgring DE 02.06.2006), VERY RARE! 2006 extremely Ltd issue live DVD on Wow Corporation lbl, full deluxe digipack p/s(Wow Corporation WOW-296)-€.42.99

USD 156.08
10.15 Saturday Night(Tubingen Germany 10.06.1981)

Media: LP
 -CURE:10.15 Saturday Night(Tubingen Germany 10.06.1981), VERY RARE! Extremely Ltd 150 numbered copies live LP GREEN vinyl, full deluxe & sticker numbered p/s!!-still shrink-wrapped copy!!(Matrix:blank)-€.99.99 

USD 234.13

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101 (Italian 1989 Ltd'promo use'2LP stickered ps & promo insert-sealed copy)
(Depeche Mode)

Media: LP
  -Depeche Mode: 101, VERY RARE! 1989 Italian 'promo use' issue vinyl 2LP set issued on italian indipendent Dischi Ricordi lbl, impossible to find still sealed & stickered copy complete with unique 'Dischi Ricordi 2 pag. 'Info' promo insert!!!!!!(Stumm-Dischi Ricordi ASTUM 101)-€.149.99

USD 280.96
101(Philippines 1989 17-trk 2LP set full card gf ps)
(Depeche Mode)

Media: LP
 -Depeche Mode:101, ULTRARARE! 1989 Philippines issue 17-trk vinyl 2LP set on Mute-OctoArts International lbl, full card gatefold p/s!!(Mute-OctoArts International STUMM 101-MUT2P-13107)VG+/VG+-€.179.99

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