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USD 78.03
You shook me all night long(Belgium 1981 2-trk single unique ps)

Media: 7''
-AC/DC:You shook me all night long, VERY RARE! 1981 Belgium issue 2-trk 7” on Atlantic label, b/w 'Have a drink on me', full unique live p/s(Atlantic ATL 11600)-€.49.99

USD 62.42

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You Shook Me All Night Long(French 1981 2-trk single unique ps)

Media: 7''
-AC/DC:You Shook Me All Night Long, VERY RARE! 1981 French issue 2-trk 7”, b/w 'Have a drink on me', full different back p/s-still in EX/EX condition!!(Atlantic ATL 11600)-€.39.99

USD 124.86
You shook me all night long(Italian 1981 1-trk w/label promo single title sticker slv)

Media: 7''
-AC/DC:You shook me all night long, VERY RARE! 1981 Italian issue 1-trk w/label 7” promo, impossible to find copy in its own title sticker slv & in MINT condition!!!(Atlantic PROMO 127)-€.79.99

USD 140.47
You shook me all night long(Italian 1982 w/label ep promo sampler)

Media: 12''
-AC/DC:You shook me all night long, VERY RARE! 1981 Italian issue w/label 12” promo sampler on Wea label, still in its own company slv(Wea PROMO 119)-€.90.00

USD 622.84
You'll See(German 1993 3-trk CD fully signed ps)

Media: CDsingle
-Madonna:You'll see, VERY RARE! 1993 German issue 3-trk CD, inc. 'You'll See(Edit)' & 'Rain(LP Version)' & 'You'll See(Instr.)', full jewel case p/s-Absolutely unique copy signed by Madonna herself 'Love Madonna' in thick gold pen on front insert!!!(Maverick 9362 43623-2)-€.399.99

USD 124.86
You're Gone(USA 1990 Ltd 2-trk single on Sub Pop lbl full ps)

Media: 7''
-Mudhoney:You're Gone, VERY RARE! 1990 USA Ltd issue 'Sub Pop' label 3-trk vinyl 7”, b/w 'Thorn' & 'You Make me die', full wrap-around p/s(Sub Pop SP 63)-€.79.99

USD 2341.48
You're Gonna Kill That Girl (French 1977 original 2-trk promo-only 7single Company slv)

Media: 7''
  -Ramones: You're Gonna Kill That Girl, ULTRAMEGARARE! 1977 French promo-only issue 2-trk vinyl 7" on Philips lbl, b/w 'Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment', still in its own original Company slv stamped-pounched 'VENTE INTERDITE - Echantillon Gratuit' with date '17 Fev 1977'. In more than 25 years it's first time I have it, probably the European rarest Ramones single to locate!!(Philips 663

USD 31.2
You're The One That I Want(Italian 1978 2-trk OST single unique italian titles ps)
(Olivia Newton-John)

Media: 7''
-Olivia Newton-John:You're The One That I Want, RARE! 1978 Italian issue 2-trk vinyl OST 7”, b/w 'Alone At A Drive-in Movie', unique italian titles p/s(RSO 2090 279)-€.19.99

USD 39.01
You've Got My Number(UK 1979 2-trk single full ps)
(The Undertones)

Media: 7''
-The Undertones:You've Got My Number(Why Don't You Use It!), RARE! 1979 UK issue 2-trk vinyl 7”, b/w 'Let's Talk About Girls', full p/s(Sire SIR 4024)-€.24.99

USD 156.08
Young Loud and Snotty(Italian 1977 10-trk LP on Sire lbl full great ps)
(Dead Boys)

Media: LP
 -Dead Boys:Young Loud and Snotty, RARE! 1977 Italian issue 10-trk vinyl LP on Sire lbl, full great p/s!!(Sire SR 6038)EX--/EX-€.99.99

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