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USD 187.3
Zombi(Italian 1978 OST 10-trk LP on Cinevox lbl great full ps)

Media: LP
-Goblin:Zombi, VERY RARE! 1978 Italian issue 10-trk vinyl LP on Cinevox lbl, great full p/s (Cinevox MDF 33/121)-€.119.99

USD 109.25
Zombie(Italian 1994 1-trk w/label promo single title sticker slv)
(The Cranberries)

Media: 7''
-The Cranberries:Zombie, VERY RARE! 1994 Italian issue 1-trk w/label 7” promo on Polygram label, still in its own title stickered slv(Polygram AS 5000 998)-€.69.99

USD 1092.68

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Zona Crepuscolar(Spanish 1981 2-trk 7single absolutely unique spanish titles ps)
(Iron Maiden)

Media: 7''
 -Zona Crepuscolar(Twilight Zone),ULTRARARE! 1981 Spanish issue 2-trk vinyl 7” on yellow EMI lbl with spanish titles, b/w 'Bebe Colerico(Wratchild)', absolutely unique spanish titles p/s!!!(EMI 10C 006-07462)EX-/EX-€.699.99

USD 31.2
Zona(Italian 1997 13-trk CD produced By Omar Pedrine ps)
(Timoria / Zona)

Media: CD
-Timoria(Zona):Zona, VERY RARE! 1997 Italian issue 13-trk CD album on Omar Gru label, produced by Micco Fabio e Omar Pedrini, full jewel case p/s(Omar Gru OGSD001)-€.19.99

USD 780.48

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Zurich Wollishofen 12.10.1976(Switzerland 1976 original & genuine concert poster)
(Patti Smith)

Media: Memorabilia
 -Patti Smith:Zurich Wollishofen 12.10.1976, ULTRARARE! 1976 Switzerland original & genuine issue medium size concert poster, still in near pristine condition & impossible to find everywhere, ideal for framing!!-€.499.99

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