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USD 31.2
Ricky Martin(Italian promo shop poster)
(Ricky Martin)

Media: Memorabilia
-Ricky Martin :Ricky Martin, RARE! Italian promo shop poster, very nice & ideal for framing!!-€.19.99

USD 93.64
Schizo-Phonic shop display set(Italian promo shop 4 display set)9
(Spice Girls / Geri Halliwell)

Media: Memorabilia
 -Spice Girls / Geri Halliwell:Schizo-Phonic shop display set, VERY RARE! Italian promo only 4 x different format shop display, issued only for shop & very hard to find complete set!!-€.59.99

USD 62.42
Super Sound(14 Jan. 1974)(Italian 1974 music magazine)
(The Mountain)

Media: Memorabilia
-The Mountain:Super Sound(14 Jan. 1974), VERY RARE! 1974 Italian issue large format music magazine inc. 3 full large pag. Bowie article & photos, very cool!-€.39.99

USD 62.42
Super Sound(31 Dec. 1973)(Italian 1973 music magazine)
(David Bowie)

Media: Memorabilia
-David Bowie:Super Sound(31 Dec. 1973), VERY RARE! 1973 Italian-only issue large format music magazine , inc. great full 2 pag. article & photos! GREAT ITEM!-€.39.99

USD 39.01
That Day(Euro 2001 2-trk promo CD unique card ps)
(Natalie Imbruglia)

Media: CDsingle
-Natalie Imbruglia:That Day, RARE! 2001 Euro issue 2-trk promo CD, inc. 'R%adio Edit' & 'Album Version', full unique card p/s(RCA BMG That 1)-€.24.99

USD 46.81
Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi(French 1987 2-trk single full ps)
(Sabrina Salerno)

Media: 7''
-Sabrina Salerno Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?, RARE! 1987 French issue 2-trk vinyl 7”, b/w 'Kiss', full great p/s(Polydor 887 732-7)-€.29.99

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