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USD 78.03
Complete Christmas Recordings(USA 1990 'On The Radio' 15-trk promo CD Radio Show unique ps)

Media: CD
-Beatles:Complete Christmas Recordings, VERY RARE! 1990 USA promo 'On The Radio' 15-trk CD Radio Show, great full unique jewel case p/s(On The Radio Vol.2)-€.49.99

USD 78.03
Crosstown traffic(Italian 1969 1-trk w/label promo single Polydor slv)
(Jimi Hendrix)

Media: 7''
-Jimi Hendrix:Crosstown traffic, VERY RARE! 1969 Italian issue 1-trk w/label 7” promo, Polydor w/label promo, still in its own Polydor slv(Polydor AS 049)-€.49.99

USD 93.64
Dance Party(Greek 1971 12-trk V/A LP full laminated ps)
(Jimi Hendrix)

Media: LP
-Jimi Hendrix:Dance Party, VERY RARE! 1971 Greek issue V/A 12-trk vinyl LP on Polydor International lbl, inc. 'Freedom', full nice psychedelic laminated p/s(Polydor 2480061)-€.59.99

USD 124.86
Decade Of Aggression Live(Canada 1991 Ltd 6500 copies 21-trk 2LPset ps & booklet)

Media: 2LPset
-Slayer:Decade Of Aggression Live, VERY RARE! 1991 Canadian Ltd 6.500 copies issue 21-trk vinyl 2xLP set, full great number stickered p/s + black inners + full booklet!- copy n. 4571/6500-(Def American 510 605-1)-€.79.99 

USD 124.86
Definitive Ecstasy(Civic Arena Pittsburgh PA 08.12.1976 & Selland Arena Fresno CA 22.09.1978)
(Black Sabbath)

Media: CD
 -Black Sabbath:Definitive Ecstasy(Civic Arena Pittsburgh PA 08.12.1976 & Selland Arena Fresno CA 22.09.1978), VERY RARE! Japan Extremely Ltd issue live 3CD set on Scorpio(UK) lbl, full 3-way card gatefold p/s & inner slvs!!(Scorpio(UK)-29)-€.79.99

USD 39.01
Discografia Illustrata(Italian 2006 Discography book)
(Fabrizio De Andre')

Media: Memorabilia
-Fabrizio De Andre':Discografia Illustrata,RARE! 2006 Italian-only issue 242 pag. discography book, inc. Fully colour illustrated Italian & Worldwide Fabrizio discography, complete with all collaborations, a must have for any serious De Andre' collector, great full p/s(Coniglio Editore)-€.24.99

USD 93.64
Disneyland Is Cancelled(Orlando Arena FL USA 02.06.1992)

Media: CD
 -CURE:Disneyland Is Cancelled(Orlando Arena FL USA 02.06.1992), VERY RARE! Extremely Ltd issue live 2CD set Picture Disc, full jewel case p/s(Matrix: A 8840-8825)-€.59.99

USD 343.4
Dissident(Euro Ltd live in Atlanta complete 23-trk 3CDset gf digipack ps)
(Pearl Jam)

Media: CD
-Pearl Jam:Dissident, ULTRARARE! 1994 Euro extremely Ltd issue 23-trk live 3xCD complete set, inc. full Atlanta 3 April 1993 concert at Fox Theater, all 3 CDs housed in great 3-way gatefold digipack p/s complete with track listing stickers!!-very hard to find nowdays complete set!!(Epic 660291 5/661055 2/661056 2)-€.219.99 

USD 156.08

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Dog Eat Dog(Australia Ltd 100 copies re 2-trk 7 on Albert Productions lbl)

Media: 7''
 -AC/DC:Dog Eat Dog, VERY RARE! 1977 Australian Extremely Ltd 100 copies reissue 2-trk vinyl 7” on Albert Productions lbl, b/w 'Carry Me Home', blank slv(Aplbert Productions AP-11403)-€.99.99

USD 67.11
Early Flight(NYC USA 1974 & London 4 May 1973 etc.)

Media: DVD
-Eagles:Early Flight(NYC USA 1974+London 4 may 1973 etc.), VERY RARE! 2005 extremely Ltd issue 24-trk live DVD on Crime Crow label, full digipack p/s(Crime Crow CCPDVD041)-€.42.99 

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